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by mleet

I write to think about questions that preoccupy me. In Landslide’s case, I am looking at love and loss, and how we find the resilience to overcome. By the time I started the novel, my mother and three close friends had died. Husband had battled cancer. I had gone through unexplained, early menopause which also felt like sorrow and loss. Before death and hardship came again, I needed time to process all that had already come. Since starting Landslide, I have lost Husband’s father, mother and sister and two close friends.

The idea for Landslide’s creative framework came one day while listening to Fleetwood Mac’s song of the same name. It was this idea of how life can unexpectedly, irreparably change in a second. It is this moment of inattention causing the accident. It is the doctor appointment with news that irreversibly alters your life. Until that second, you had one life, and then a landslide brought it down. Landslide is by no means my conclusive thoughts about loss and love. But in the process of writing the novel, I have gained a certain measure of peace. It has certainly enabled me to be present for those who have died since with much greater grace and love.

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