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Fernando’s voice soared. He had spotted me over the corn. His hand stretched out theatrically, and as his note rose, his bushy black moustache quivered. Maria scowled to chide Fernando’s silliness, although deep down she also thought he was funny. Maria and Fernando had known each other since childhood, and Maria could not remember a time when they had not been in love. No matter how angry Maria became at Fernando, and she was often plenty mad, Fernando always coaxed her out of it. Maria got most mad when Fernando was late. Mom said that nobody was able to get as much done as Fernando in so short a time, so she never worried about it. For Fernando’s first time on a new job, though, Maria and Mom always pretended the job started earlier. After that, it wouldn’t matter. Once Fernando started working for a client, it was hard to send anyone else.

[Excerpt Landslide, Page 87]

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